MWTC パブリックアルファリリース - 2/14!!





二つのマップが特徴だ: BacklotとHanger(Killhouseがベースの、CQB用に作られたが公開されなかったものだ)。

三つのゲームタイプがあるぞ: Bodycount, Demolition(Objective) と Capture the Flag(CTF)だ。


これは最初のアルファ版だから、色々まだ終わってない(武器モデルとか)のを覚えておいてくれ、だから我々はとにかく君たちにアルファテストを遊んで遊んで遊んでもらって開発を手助けしてほしい - バグ報告とかマップやらモデルやらのコンテンツ制作でね!

The dreaded day of love, cards and flowers is upon us next week. No girl(boy)friend? No plans? No problem!

The anticipated public alpha of MWTC will be released ...

this Valentine's Day on Thursday February 14th!!!

What will be included in this early alpha?

It will feature TWO maps: Backlot and Hanger (which is based on Killhouse - the unreleased map made for CQB).

It will include THREE gametypes: Bodycount, Demolition and Capture the Flag.

It will also contain the map sources to serve as a reference for custom maps. Any mapper willing to contribute to MWTC are encouraged to share their sources and assets as well if they wish to be contribute to future versions.

Please keep in mind that this is an early alpha, so some stuff won't be finished (like weapon models, etc.) so we hope you all will play, play, play to alpha test and help with the development - whether it be by reporting bugs or contributing content like maps and models!

So that begs us to ask the question: MWTC, will you be my Valentine....?